90s Flannel Fest at Moses Lake 2024


You’re not the first to ask…

90s flannel fest at moses lake event map

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90s Flannel Fest at Moses Lake 2024


You’re not the first to ask…

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90s flannel fest at moses lake event map

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General Event Info


Parking at Grant County Fairgrounds for 90s Flannel Fest is FREE!

What are the overnight/camping rules & policies?

The RV and Campsite areas open at 12 noon on Friday. The overnight experience rules are those of the Grant County Fairgrounds authority as specified here.


Absolutely and we highly encourage it, especially if you’re not staying overnight and plan to have an adult beverage or two. Please enter Grant County Fairgrounds Blue Gate as your pick-up/drop-off point.

Am I allowed to leave the event and then come back in the same day?

Re-entry is permitted.

Where can I get updates about Flannel Fest?

You can follow Flannel Fest on select social media platforms (instagram.com/90sflannelfest, facebook.com/90sflannelfest) which will provide vital updates leading up to and during the event.

What is your audio/video/photo policy?

Take lots of photos and videos, post them online, and tag your friends! Flannel Fest reserves the right to use any images or video taken at Flannel Fest and posted to public forums and social media.

Is there a #hashtag for Flannel Fest?

Yes indeed! Make sure to tag all your social posts with #FlannelFestML

Will there be phone charging stations at Flannel Fest?

There will be publicly accessible power outlets, but you’ll need your own cable.

What is your firearms policy?

The venue area is considered all part of alcohol service and Washington state law strictly forbids firearms in a bar.

Is there a bag policy?

There is no specific policy for bags but bags may be subject to safety inspection prior to entering the music festival areas at the discretion of the security staff. 


The WSLCB specifically states that “recreational marijuana cannot be sold or smoked in public“, and that even includes the magical confines of Flannel Fest. Please help us stay on their good side.

Are animals allowed at Flannel Fest?

Pets are allowed in the overnight areas, but NOT the music venue area. Service animals are permitted.

Does Flannel Fest have any known side Effects?

Flannel Fest is expected to cause euphoria, spontaneous bouts of loud singing, uncontrollable air-guitaring, and strong sense of connection with hundreds of fellow attendees. Flannel Fest may cause index and pinky finger fatigue from throwing up the metal horns.  If you experience a s***-eating grin that lasts through the Fall, consult your doctor. They may recommend a Flannel Fest booster the following year.

Tickets & Seating

How much are tickets?

This really depends on what you want your flannel fest experience to be. Are you coming for both days? Will you be staying overnight? You have some decisions to make. Click Here to explore your options!

Can I purchase or upgrade my tickets (VIP, overnight, etc) at the event?

Of course! Just visit the Grant County Fairgrounds box office once you arrive. 

What are the box office hours at the event?

  • Friday: 5pm to 10:30pm
  • Saturday: 11am to 10:30pm

Can I split a Festival Pass between multiple people (one for each day)?

Festival Pass holders receive a non-transferable two-day wristband upon entry, so it is not possible to share.

Is reserved seating available?

This is a General Admission event with no seating. You may bring chairs and blankets. There will be some shared first-come-first-served seating in the VIP area for VIP ticket holders.

What is the policy regarding bringing chairs and blankets into the venue?

Lawn chairs and blankets are allowed in designated areas only. Please be respectful of those who may be sitting behind you with regard to the height of your chair. We prefer (but don’t restrict) low back chairs.

Is handicapped seating / parking available?

There is no seating in general admission other than some picnic tables and bleachers but the concert field is navigable by most wheelchairs and scooters. Our staff is also happy to help folks who need extra assistance getting settled into a good space. ADA parking is available at a great location next to the entrance of the venue.

I lost my tickets. What can I do?

Once you have purchased your tickets, you can contact Grant County Fairgrounds for any concerns related to confirming or recovering your tickets.

Additional Ticket Info

  • RV Parking must be purchased in advance. The RV Parking fee covers the overnight space only. Concert tickets and overnight access must be purchased separately.
  • VALID ID REQUIRED to obtain tickets and entry into the Festival.

Food & Drinks

What types of drinks will be available for purchase?

A variety of drink options including beer, seltzer, cider, soft drinks, and energy drinks. 

What types of food will be available for purchase?

There will be a variety of independent food vendors on site with a wide range of menus. Check out the list here

What are the Saturday morning breakfast options?

For our overnight guests, we suggest being prepared with your own breakfast options, or explore some of the local restaurants in Moses Lake for breakfast options.  The festival will not have any food vendors open during breakfast hours.

Will there be free water available at Flannel Fest?

YES. You may bring in an EMPTY TRANSPARENT PLASTIC bottle to refill at any of the public water fountains, or you can purchase refillable bottles at the event.

Can I bring my own food and drink to the concert?

Outside food or drink are NOT permitted in the concert venue. Overnight guests (camping/RVs) may bring outside food and drink for consumption in the overnight areas (subject to the overnight policies listed here). 

Are there ATM machines at Flannel Fest?

Nope. You’ll want to bring cash with you.